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- Over 20 years' experience

- Have installed over 1000 radon mitigation systems

- Certified for radon testing and mitigation


What if that test result is bad?

If we determine that the levels of radon in your home are above appropriate levels, we can quickly take action by installing a radon mitigation system.


We've installed over 1,000 mitigation systems and let's just say we have a pretty good track record. We'll do our best to have your home or property safe again in no time.  Our service area covers a 300 mile radius around Amarillo, Texas.


There's not much that you can do about radon on the earth, but you can make sure that it doesn't invade your personal space. Radon Technology can help and we can't wait to get going at your home.

What do you get from Radon Technology?

Let's get radon out of your house


We've successfully installed over 1,000 radon mitigation systems. We're hoping that you join our long list of happy customers.

Let us get rid of your radon so you can

rest easy. Call to

learn more.