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Our job is to remove the stuff, but we're not scientists. If you'd like to hear from a few though, head on over to this link from the Environmental Protection Agency and read a more thorough analysis of radon.

The best and only way to tell if your house has radon inside is with a test. You only need to ensure that whoever performs one for you is experienced and certified to handle both the test and whatever it might turn up.


Do you know about radon?

Radon is emitted from decaying uranium in soil all over the world, even here in Northwest Texas. It can seep into your home through cracks in the infrastructure and build up to dangerous levels.


If it does build up to a dangerous level, it will break down in your lungs. This can cause lung disorders and even lung disease.

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Find out if there's radon in your house.

Want to find out more about radon?


Sure the name sounds scary, but what is radon and how does it get in your home? Read here to find out.

Radon is seriously dangerous. Get it removed from your house. Call us now.